Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sakura Con 2011 Cosplay!

Wow Sakura Con this year took place on April 22-24, 2011.  It was so much fun! I was SO proud of my costumes, especially my Maka spartoi uniform and scythe that I made all by myself!  I definitely will be replacing the wigs (since they were stolen by a hobo bc it was in the same bag as the load of bread. I assume.) So in this post I'm going to show the photos that have been taken of my cosplay as well as my friends, and crediting the professional photographers who did photograph me. 
All other photos of cosplay from all 3 days found here:

Day 1: Darker than Black
Sergei and I did our first couple's cosplay together! I was Yin, and he was Hei. There were a few other Yins and Heis but not a whole lot. But I did get to get a picture with most of them :)
Here are some photos!
Me and Sergei 
Another couple!
a mommy Yin!
Sergei had one taken of him by ACparadise!

I wasn't particularly happy with my wig, at least it wasn't the same as when I had first made it... but, here are some professional photos!

Photographed by "Kuya-El"
Photographed by "Kuya-El"

Geez I wish I wasn't so slouchy... definitely rebuying the wig and fixing it again anyway... 

Photographed by John Chieber
Day 2: Soul Eater (Spartoi)
Brian and I did the spartoi uniforms from Soul Eater, he was Black Star, and I was Maka. As far as I know, we were the ONLY SPARTOIS THERE! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I loved my scythe, did I tell you that? :) Sergei was again, Spirit, (or... the father of my character. >.<). There were TONS of Maka's in the anime, since I guess when Netflix released Soul Eater, it was super popular. Kinda funny some people i don't think recognized me, because they don't read the manga.  But anyways, super happy about this outfit :) Wig - not so happy. Will re buy.
Black Star and Maka (Brian and I)
Funny story - Sergei does NOT role play and a little girl got him to..
Group photo shoot!
Photographed by "Tom Dk"
Photographed by "Tom Dk"
Photographed by "Tom Dk"
I think I'm going to modify my skirt, make it shorter. I feel like this whole outfit makes me kinda ... short? i dunno, hahaha. anyways I loved this :)

Day 3: Highschool of the Dead
Wheee! This was great because Lauren, Andrea, and I got to do our trio from this anime! Lauren was Rei Miyamoto, Andrea was Saeko Busujima, and I was Saya Takagi.
Lauren as Rei Miyamoto 
The Trio! And me being useless
Sergei is suppose to be the Takashi Komuro

I found another Takagi Saya!
Ya so that's it!!! I also did find Jesus during this Easter weekend!!! 
Jesus and I
That's it for Sakura Con 2011!!!! I plan to clean up my wig and make it better for Aki Con in Bellevue this year :)