Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainbow Kitchen Mat!

I made my first kitchen mat! It's not .. like.. that GREAT, i think i could have made it less "wavy" now after I have put it all together and realized what's wrong, but i think i have a solution anyway. anyways, this is based on a pattern from Pierrot Yarns, which is a japanese website, and they have free patterns for many many cool things! but I went with the "Mat Rug" category and decided to make use of my Sugar n Cream cotton yarns that i bought a while back in like all different colors.. but some of the colors in my rug are acrylic, like the edging.  Anyways here it is ! my Rainbow Kitchen Mat!

stupid photo can't flip right...but yes the cat wanted in.

I asked him if he liked it. i think this is a yes. 

Yay! my not so boring kitchen floor!
And that's that! gonna add some stickies on the bottom so it doesn't like roll around on the floor. but i'm not sure what to do about the "waves".. maybe slip stitch along the bottom tightly? i don't know. but i like it!!! 

Working on a motif red/white picnic blanket next..... whee!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leprechaun Cat!!

YES I DID!!!!! 
My little leprechaun! Sweater again based on DIY Maven, except I extended the rows by 6 or something. maybe more. The yarn was basically chunky; used green super saver + worsted weight light green together with a G hook.  I didn't have the right color green so i thought i'd mix :) the hat again is custom.

ok photos!

I wanted to add like a green pipe cleaner thingy and making a clover stick out of his hat. But I don't have any :( it woulda been so cute if I could!! 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

G&G/Dueba Shinny Aqua (Puffy 3 tone) Review!

OH GEEZZZ another crazy lens purchase from (I really love this site), it's about that time for my yearly craze with these circle lens.  Mainly, though, I get them for my cosplay, Sakura Con is coming around the corner!!! Next month! The cosplay line up will be discussed in another post, but for now I gotta tell you about these circle lens..

I dunno, sometimes I feel weird wearing colored lenses, i mean, other than like brown or whatever, and sometimes they just look all weird and funny on me because of my eye shape.  My bf thinks they're hideous and unnatural - yes unnatural, but fun :) hahahaha.  Anyways so I purchased these from and they are the G&G/Dueba brand, color called Shinny Aqua, or also known as the Puffy 3 tone. As you can see from the photos below, the contact lenses are made of 3 tones.  I purchased these in green as well in the same brand, but I only have the blue ones with me where I am.  I plan to cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in the dress that he wears (YES, i am cosplaying a crossplayer. ... ) and his eyes are blue.  Anyways with some eyelashes and careful positioning of these lashes, I was able to make my eyes appear slightly ...larger... so that the big lenses wouldn't look THAT funny on me. 

Original containers
3 tones.. see?
No contacts!
No flash
With flash

Not so serious face
Ok fine smiley face.. 
 I dunno - honestly I don't think it looks that bad on me.... hahaha but I did opt for the "less crazy" kind; i find that the multiple toned contacts just look less fake, a little bit more "natural" (aside from the unnatural blue being on an asian).  

Comfort wise - I'd say 8/10.  The water content is listed as 38%, but surprisingly they are comfortable and I am quite happy with them! It's just that when I put them on, it took a few minutes for me to adjust because it was a little irritating but after blinking a few times it was a-OK.  

Overall, I love the color, I love the fit, and I can't wait to try on the green and wear these to Sakura Con 2012!