Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Stitch Tunisian college scarf (pattern)

So since I finally made my own super simple easy scarf, I thought I'd share the pattern with the rest of you.

This using tunisian stitching, and this particular stitch is the Simple Stitch.  Here is a good reference to how to do the tunisian simple stitch, and an overall excellent website in tutorials in many types of tunisian stitching: Tunisian Stitching

Yarn: I used worsted weight yarn from Vanna's Choice (the purple color "eggplant") and from Impeccables (yellow color "butterscotch")
Size Hook: I used J, and worked it loosely. Tunisian stitching I learned should be done loosely anyway!

"tss" = Tunisian Simple Stitch
ch 31
forward row 1: base row (see above)
reverse row 1: return row
forward row 2: tss each stitch
reverse row 2: return row

repeat f/r row 1 and 2 until you are satisfied with the square for the first color. In my case, I stopped at 25 rows.  You can make this more or less for your preferred look.
When changing colors, you change colors ON THE RETURN ROW.

Apple Cup!

Apple Cup! December 4, 2010

I finished those scarves for me and my boyfriend just in time for Apple Cup! Here are the photos :)

Pattern from
Harry Potter-esque ;)

Up close

Simple Stitch Tunisian Scarf
done by MEEEEEEE!

Up close


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

UW Beanie

I made a beanie!! for my boyfriend :)
I based it off the beanie pattern from, and among many other beanie patterns there are out there which are similar.  I really need to start paying attention and writing out my patterns... I've just been wingin it lately.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

Happy Halloween!  Here are some pumpkin carvings my boyfriend and I did!
Husky Pride!

Jack Skellington

Goomba from Super Mario

Monday, October 25, 2010

UW Hat!

This pattern is by April Draven, the only modification I made was I excluded the initial chain stitch that starts off the hat and did somewhat of a single crochet w/o the chain stitch deal....
And I added pom poms :D

Gonna make the UW scarf next :D  This is for the upcoming Apple Cup game that will take place in Pullman, WA this year. It's gonna be REAL COLD here.... so I better dress warm!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Jack Skellington

A little something for the up coming Halloween frenzy!! 
Alternating triple crochet and single crochet on outer stitches only!

Top of the pumpkin

Unfortunately it doesn't seem Fibby likes him very much!

Jack looks nervous! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Cherries!

Gigantic happy cherries :D

Made these in like an hour and a half.  I was pretty bored :) I was pretty proud making the leaf though!

Bullet Bill

My first amigurumi that I made myself!!!
Hand is a little too big though!

Such pretty eyes

I've admired the one other person who made a Bullet Bill amigurumi (Google it!) and I decided to try it myself. It's not as pretty as hers, but it was my first try!!!! 

This is for my boyfriend :D The arms were a little tricky, but it took a lot of trial and error to make it bend !! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cable Hat

All credit to Rheatheylia!

Not a fan of snuggie beanies on me, so maybe i'll give this away to one of my friends.

Bubble Puffy Slouchy Hat

I made a hat! My boyfriend picked this pattern.. I adapted it from Jessica Suzanne, but also she had mention at the bottom of her blog that she got this from Dot Matthews, so all credit goes to Dot. I used a K hook as suggested by Jessica, and Vanna's Choice yarn. I had to make 2 additional increases after row 5 (so 84 stitches total) for it to have a droopy effect. I also added 1 additional row after you start making each decrease.  Just as the previous post had, I included a 4 leaf clover on my hat as well :)

 It's not bad for my first hat huh? :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Crochet Half-Cable Hat

I MADE A HAT!!!! I actually was inspired by Kelley Poteat, and I tried to follow her pattern but I just couldn't! I was having problems like two other people were in the messages, where I was starting off with a strange pointy hat. So after reading several patterns and then hers, I started this off myself. The style is much like Kelley's, except the pattern is different. Same style, different pattern.  The lower part I did alternating FPdc and BPdc in every stitch, though by the time I reached this point, I actually didn't know Kelley had done the same thing except hers were alternating 2 FPdc and 2 BPdc.  I had just winged it from the beginning til the end when I had my boyfriend try it on.  I also added a small four leaf clover on the hat, because it's this thing my boyfriend and I have :)  The tiny clover is all thanks to Pam Gillete.  It is absolutely adorable! Anyways!! This is probably the first and only thing I've ever down w/o actually reading a pattern!  But all thanks to Kelley's hat I was able to do it!


I feel like I keep having to make modifications to these hat patterns... they always seem to not fit or look right after I finish them. i'm working on my own hat for myself too from another pattern, and I already had to make 2 more rows of increases just to make it look right (I hope).  so we'll see, those will be posted soon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sackboy: Little Big Planet

IS DONE!!!!!

This pattern was taken from Nerdigurumi, I love that site. The only thing I couldn't quite master was actually stitching in the zipper... the girl who did this made it look real good, I dunno how she did it!  But anyways, this was a good start - my NEXT project is being able to put in the REAL zipper, AND have an open mouth. And this time I'm going to try to put it together myself... we'll see :D

The sackboy is for my wonderful honey :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cosplay ideas for Sakura Con 2011!

Oy I've been thinking a lot about next year's Sakura Con 2011. I have a few ideas, and one for sure (I think) is a cosplay couple with my boyfriend, from the anime called Darker Than Black.
I enjoyed this anime, though it is just as the title suggests.. it's pretty dark... darker than black. duur...
Anyways I plan to be the chick to the left (obviously), Yin (Chinese for Silver teehee. I guess you'd have to watch it to get it..), and my boyfriend the guy on the right, Hei (Chinese for Black). I'm excited, this may be our Friday cosplay plan.  I gotta get the dress - I suck at making my own (but recently startin to make my own props) and I already have a seller on ebay in mind, really gorgeous material.  Wig I know a website that has this.  So i'm all set. 

But what about Saturday's plans? well one of my longtime best friends who got me into going to my first anime convention suggests doing a group cosplay from an anime I absolutely cannot pronounce except it just sounds like "Duaadaldaladdagaa"  or something. hahahaha.  I'll have to get back to ya on that when I've figured out what it is.. and which character he suggests I should cosplay as..

I've had a few ideas on doing Maka from Soul Eater - her latest outfit in the manga only. I cosplayed as her from the beginning of the series last year, and I really would like to do her second outfit and her newly acquired death scythe.
Here's a fan made artwork of the two Maka's in both their outfits.  I was the one on the right last year, and I and absolutely diggin the second. AND her scythe.. man I already have crazy ideas on how to make that... and I'm a little stuck just because there's the whole blade part. Gawd how am I gonna do this.. Hmm... The outfit Id have to get commissioned, maybe from the same Ebay seller who already is selling Yin's costume.  Anyways, I'm diggin this second outfit of Maka's, but if I do this outfit, i'd prefer to wear it on the Saturday (the most popular day), and maybe see if my brother would be Black Star again too.  We'll seeeeeeeee.....It would be nice to get a group cosplay of the manga character's newer outfits.

I also been thinking about Hell Girl, I love her kimono.. I really want to do this!! hahahaha. this way, I don't have to smile so much..just stare. With my red eyes. Pretty huh?

Anyways been thinking a lot about what to do next year. I just love dressing up!! it's so fun. I just really want to get the Maka thing going!! It would be so awesome to get it going before someone does it...

One last cosplay idea is doing Hiyori Sarugaki from Bleach again - I was her 2 years ago, but I never made her mask. Here's a deviant art of her (taken from the manga but colored by this dude):
I really would like to get her mask started too - I have the materials for it!!!! this would be a cheap outfit cuz I already have it! I would like to make her sword too.. hmm...argh so many ideas!! WHATDOIDOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Well Sackboy is almost done! I just need EYES!  I'll ponder this whole cosplay thing some more on my own time...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've finally finished this penguin I made from a japanese amigurumi book, vol 4.  I added a scarf too!! Which I made completely on my own :D :D


Cuuuute huh!! My next project... is the sackboy from Little Big Planet!!!
The only thing is that originally the sackboy is knitted, and I havn't the patience to learn knitting yet.. since I'm still fairly new with amigurumi crocheting.  But I will make a sackboy !!!! I found a pattern that I will start off with, and then I will make ANOTHER sackboy with a REAL zipper, and a mouth opening. And that will be all experimental. I do have a few patterns that shows how to do the mouth, and insert the zipper, but I have to kind of have to make modifications to make this all work for the size that I want.  The sackboy is for my honey :D