Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Stitch Tunisian college scarf (pattern)

So since I finally made my own super simple easy scarf, I thought I'd share the pattern with the rest of you.

This using tunisian stitching, and this particular stitch is the Simple Stitch.  Here is a good reference to how to do the tunisian simple stitch, and an overall excellent website in tutorials in many types of tunisian stitching: Tunisian Stitching

Yarn: I used worsted weight yarn from Vanna's Choice (the purple color "eggplant") and from Impeccables (yellow color "butterscotch")
Size Hook: I used J, and worked it loosely. Tunisian stitching I learned should be done loosely anyway!

"tss" = Tunisian Simple Stitch
ch 31
forward row 1: base row (see above)
reverse row 1: return row
forward row 2: tss each stitch
reverse row 2: return row

repeat f/r row 1 and 2 until you are satisfied with the square for the first color. In my case, I stopped at 25 rows.  You can make this more or less for your preferred look.
When changing colors, you change colors ON THE RETURN ROW.

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  1. Very cool scarf. Love the idea of the school/team colors too!