Thursday, July 28, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011

WOW! SDCC 2011 was absolutely fun. It was way more fun than I have ever imagined, just completely exceeded my expectations.  Obviously, this was our (Justin, Lauren, and Sergei) first time.  A large population of comic con attendees actually did not dress up like at the anime conventions (Sakura Con).  Also, SDCC isn't all about comics either, contrary to popular belief. They have large movie motion picture making whatever companies there, such as WB, FOX, SONY, Paramount, and so much more.

Getting the sneak peak and never before seen footages of upcoming movies and shows was one of the main things of this convention.  The only two I didn't get into, unfortunately, was the Archer panel and Big Bang Theory :(.  True Blood was right after Big Bang Theory, which is probably why we also didn't get in. 

Another thing about the lines here are that you get in line to really get INTO THE ROOM where your panel of interest will be held, no matter how many shows/panels there are between now and when your panel of interest is, you get in line to just get into the room.  So for example, we were in line for Big Bang Theory 3 hours ahead of us. There were 2 other panels prior to this panel, but also True Blood following.  Obviously there were TONS of True Blood fans (grrrr) because when 11am rolled around and we didn't get into the Big Bang Theory Panel, and also being most likely 2 hours behind, the line was still extremely long, which explains the large True Blood fan craziness. Vampires.. pssh. So overrated. Trust me people, you get bit you get bit, it's probably not as truly orgasmic as they detail it to be in the books.  

Anyways, we flew in Wednesday and Abby and her bf, Micah, took us out to Phil's BBQ.  It was truly amazing, the first line of many that we stood in that whole week lol. So it was great to be able to finally see her down there! Just as she recommended that BBQ place, I highly recommend this to everyone to go try out. 

DAY 1 (Thursday)
So this day the plan was to see the Mortal Kombat: Legacy panel and the Archer panel.  Stupid, Batman Arkham (game) was right after Archer so they had a line mostly for Batman but we left the MK panel and thought, "wow it was so easy to get into this panel we can just come back later!" and the Archer panel was an hour after MK was over... boy we should have stayed, but since this was Day 1 we didn't know... I dunno, this makes me so mad. All those people in line were for MK, and we never got into Archer because of them. Hella dumb ghey.

Anyways enough of the rant!  We ended up seeing the following panels that day: Stan Lee, MK: Legacy, and well that's it.  And then shopping afterwards!

Some photos!
The crazyness in the exhibitor's hall
Stan Lee and Yoshiki
Bridgette Wilson for MK:Legacy on Skype
The MK:Legacy panel with the cast
The reason why we missed the Archer panel :(
Tokidoki booth!!! Honey got me a SDCC 2011 exclusive tokidoki shirt :)
You can demo games too that havn't come out!
Leia's from Star Wars
So as you can see, not just comics, but premieres of shows and movies (you'll see later) and GAMES! Demo the new DS games, PS3, XBox, PC, anything. On to Day 2.

DAY 2 (Friday)
The plan was this day was Big Bang Theory. Which we missed... :( Stupid True Blood!
Other than that, we ran into Sandeep Parikh from The Guild (The Guild cast), got into the Sony panel (Fright Night, Ghostrider 2, 30 Minutes or Less, and finally the Amazing Spider Man movie).  The spider man panel was the biggest of this the Sony panel, because not only did Andrew Garfield get to show up (lol), we got to see raw footage of the movie. After all this, we went to stand in line for the world premiere of Batman: Year One, an animated film.  This was surprisingly a good movie; at first i was like wtf CARTOOOOON lol, because I didn't realize it was going to be an animated movie at first, but we watched it and it was definitely NOT for children. I mean, it's violent, themes of adultery... great movie about how Batman started to become Batman.  

Anyways, photos:
The line for Big Bang Theory, or should I say, True Blood.
Justin and Lauren down the stairs from us
We left the line after realizing our chances of getting into BBT, the line not only looped outside but lined up and down the whole upstairs...
haha the things from Star Wars, I think.. but I got a neat shot of it, looks like he's going fast!
Sergei demo-ing the game to win a T shirt (he won one)

Sandeep Parikh and Justin
haha "sexy" disney princesses

Anton Yelchin in Fright Night
haha YES.... McLovin.  In Fright Night
Ghostrider 2 panel, with Nicolas Cage. Hope the movie is actually better as they say it will be..

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Batman: Year One panel
Busy night life of San Diego :)
DAY 3 (Saturday)
Saturday's plan was: Shopping in the exhibitor's hall in the morning, The Immortals panel, Knights of Badassdom panel, Snow White and the Huntsmen panel, Dorothy of Oz panel, and finally An Evening with Kevin Smith!  We stayed in one room (Hall H baby) ALLLL DAYYY after shopping.  And  basically I had us moved up and up closer and closer as we got closer to Kevin Smith.  This was a nice relaxing day really, just watching panels and seeing famous people and finally ending it with Kevin Smith, who is just truly a great story teller and a hilarious person anyway.

Following the end of our comic con day, we got to spend time with Abby and meet some of her friends at her place playing a game of Loaded Questions. I have to say with this crowd it was very funny, one of the funniest sessions of Loaded Questions I've played. PLAY IT!

Anyways comic con photos:
I screamed in a box to get this hat
Some people from Lost
The Immortals panel
Knights of Badassdom panel
Summer Glau in Knights of Badassdom
Peter Dinklage in Knights of Badassdom
Charlize Theron in the Snow White and the Huntsmen panel
Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsmen
Woot Patrick Stewart! Voice actor in Dorothy of Oz

DAY 4 (Sunday, LAST DAY) :(
Not a whole lot this day, except the Supernatural panel! which was extremely packed.... 
and then ending the day right before our flight with some food with Abby and Micah, some good mexican carne asada fries (highly recommend, and I don't even eat fries)

Right before the Supernatural panel was Glee, oh man even THAT was a long line, but i actually ended up getting into the Glee panel anyway w/o meaning to.

Glee panel
Supernatural panel
Jared Padelecki
Misha Collins!
The producer of the show, Sera Gamble
And that was it! 

We will definitely try to attend next year. Unfortunately prices went up... real good. a good 70 dollars.  why??? Whatever the case, we're gonna make it worth it and i'm gonna make sure our flight is later on Sunday.  Whew.

Until next year!!!