Monday, July 11, 2011

Lael Viking Hat with Custom Beard!

Whew finally getting back into crocheting, had a dry spell there. I recently got a request to make this Lael Viking Hat by Tara Murray, which you can find her pattern on  I was asked to make this hat for my friend's baby, and it turned out really well! 

gotta have the cat try it on..

BABY HAT!!!!!! isn't he adorable?
 Then I got a request from my friend's friend! This is probably the first time I've gotten a request from someone I don't know.  But he needed the hat with a beard, and so I used the same pattern for the hat in a medium, but the beard was all done by me!
Here it is.. modeled by my wonderful boyfriend.

the braids :)

RAWR! <3
This took me probably just in total 4-5 hours to put together.  Hope the guy likes it ! 


  1. That's amazing. I've been looking all over for a hat just like that (with the beard) and have been unsuccessful in finding one so far. Your friends friend is certainly lucky indeed.

  2. Thank you! Yea, not a lot of hat's out there with patterns, I was just asked to make it in one week's time and that's what I cranked out!

    If you're just looking to buy a hat like that, have you tried Etsy?