Friday, January 21, 2011

Harry Potter Scarf!

I'm sure tons of people have made this by now, but I wanted to try it myself in my own way!!!

My little darling Fib tried to help me make the fringes

~4.5" fringes


This is how I did it:
This pattern uses Tunisian Knit Stitching.
A great tutorial website that I absolutely love is 
There are tons and tons of other tunisian stitching other than knit stitch.
Another good tutorial website also includes a tutorial on the base row that you'll need to start with:

I wanted to make this scarf wide, but you can adjust the width however you would like based on your chain length.
But, here's what I did anyways

Caron Soft Yarn: Autumn Red and Soft Yellow
Hook: J
With Red (or desired starting color)
Chain 33 (change this to be shorter or longer as you wish)
Forward Row 1: Perform Base Row ( link above)
Reverse Row 1: Return row
Forward Row 2: Tunisian knit stitch across
Reverse Row 2: Return row
repeat row 2 until you are ready to change colors (20 rows for me)
Forward Row 20: tks across
Reverse Row 20: return row with YELLOW yarn

And repeat Row 2 with yellow. Continue Red/Yellow/Red/Yellow til you reach your desired length :)

For the fringes, I looped the yarn 6 times around and cut one end of it.  Or you can measure 6 long strings roughly 9" long or your desired length.  If you do it this way, fold the 6 pieces of yarn in half and take the loop end and thread it through a hole at the end of the scarf and pull the end pieces through the loop.  

There you go!

Friday, January 14, 2011


I've made an Eeyore for one of my best friends for her Christmas present. This was a pattern by Cecilia Siempre Josefina.

I added the "nail" to his nail, which wasn't in the pattern, and I thought it was strange that it wasn't! But I added it!

This was definitely a fun project.

Tunisian Ribbed Scarf

I've finally completed my boyfriend's Tunisian Ribbed Scarf, pattern by Anne Gee White.  This took a while to make, not because it took a long time to actually do it, but because I had so many projects to make that I just kept putting this off! >.<

I wasn't able to get a picture of my boyfriend actually wearing it, but here are some photos!

Double Tail Santa Hat

So I finally did make myself a hat!! A double tail santa hat as featured in Big Bang Theory
However, I definitely did not come up with the, and thanks again to my favorite hat crocheter, April Draven

I loved making this, I was so happy that I finally got a hat myself for christmas, now I can wear it every christmas ;)

Christmas presents - Hats!

I've made several hats for christmas presents this last christmas, and here they are!

Pattern by Warmth Designs

Pattern by Talli's Designs with significant modifications

Pattern by Donna Okoro

Pattern by Injenuity
Man I need to make myself some hats.... I loved all of these :( hahaha

Santa Cat!

Gosh I meant to keep up with posts but Christmas break has been so busy!
I've created a santa outfit for my cute little cat, and he just runs around in it like no big deal :D but it does eventually come off. 

The christmas sweater is a modification from the candy corn sweater from DIY Maven.  The hat I did completely on my own, and unfortunately do not have a pattern for - I just winged it :D The "chin strap" is the beard as well.

And yes there were definitely some booties :)

The whole outfit, but only half the booties

Where the arms go through

Top of his hat!
Merry Christmas ! a little late now i guess..

Even our family cat, Butternut, got to wear it, but he doesn't really look that happy about it...
The Grinch