Friday, January 14, 2011

Santa Cat!

Gosh I meant to keep up with posts but Christmas break has been so busy!
I've created a santa outfit for my cute little cat, and he just runs around in it like no big deal :D but it does eventually come off. 

The christmas sweater is a modification from the candy corn sweater from DIY Maven.  The hat I did completely on my own, and unfortunately do not have a pattern for - I just winged it :D The "chin strap" is the beard as well.

And yes there were definitely some booties :)

The whole outfit, but only half the booties

Where the arms go through

Top of his hat!
Merry Christmas ! a little late now i guess..

Even our family cat, Butternut, got to wear it, but he doesn't really look that happy about it...
The Grinch


  1. Lol, I LOVE your kitty Santa suit. So much better looking than mine, with the ruffles and fake beard. Great job!

  2. hahaha thanks :) I couldn't stop laughing when I put it on him!