Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

Happy Halloween!  Here are some pumpkin carvings my boyfriend and I did!
Husky Pride!

Jack Skellington

Goomba from Super Mario

Monday, October 25, 2010

UW Hat!

This pattern is by April Draven, the only modification I made was I excluded the initial chain stitch that starts off the hat and did somewhat of a single crochet w/o the chain stitch deal....
And I added pom poms :D

Gonna make the UW scarf next :D  This is for the upcoming Apple Cup game that will take place in Pullman, WA this year. It's gonna be REAL COLD here.... so I better dress warm!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Jack Skellington

A little something for the up coming Halloween frenzy!! 
Alternating triple crochet and single crochet on outer stitches only!

Top of the pumpkin

Unfortunately it doesn't seem Fibby likes him very much!

Jack looks nervous! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Cherries!

Gigantic happy cherries :D

Made these in like an hour and a half.  I was pretty bored :) I was pretty proud making the leaf though!

Bullet Bill

My first amigurumi that I made myself!!!
Hand is a little too big though!

Such pretty eyes

I've admired the one other person who made a Bullet Bill amigurumi (Google it!) and I decided to try it myself. It's not as pretty as hers, but it was my first try!!!! 

This is for my boyfriend :D The arms were a little tricky, but it took a lot of trial and error to make it bend !! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cable Hat

All credit to Rheatheylia!

Not a fan of snuggie beanies on me, so maybe i'll give this away to one of my friends.

Bubble Puffy Slouchy Hat

I made a hat! My boyfriend picked this pattern.. I adapted it from Jessica Suzanne, but also she had mention at the bottom of her blog that she got this from Dot Matthews, so all credit goes to Dot. I used a K hook as suggested by Jessica, and Vanna's Choice yarn. I had to make 2 additional increases after row 5 (so 84 stitches total) for it to have a droopy effect. I also added 1 additional row after you start making each decrease.  Just as the previous post had, I included a 4 leaf clover on my hat as well :)

 It's not bad for my first hat huh? :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Crochet Half-Cable Hat

I MADE A HAT!!!! I actually was inspired by Kelley Poteat, and I tried to follow her pattern but I just couldn't! I was having problems like two other people were in the messages, where I was starting off with a strange pointy hat. So after reading several patterns and then hers, I started this off myself. The style is much like Kelley's, except the pattern is different. Same style, different pattern.  The lower part I did alternating FPdc and BPdc in every stitch, though by the time I reached this point, I actually didn't know Kelley had done the same thing except hers were alternating 2 FPdc and 2 BPdc.  I had just winged it from the beginning til the end when I had my boyfriend try it on.  I also added a small four leaf clover on the hat, because it's this thing my boyfriend and I have :)  The tiny clover is all thanks to Pam Gillete.  It is absolutely adorable! Anyways!! This is probably the first and only thing I've ever down w/o actually reading a pattern!  But all thanks to Kelley's hat I was able to do it!


I feel like I keep having to make modifications to these hat patterns... they always seem to not fit or look right after I finish them. i'm working on my own hat for myself too from another pattern, and I already had to make 2 more rows of increases just to make it look right (I hope).  so we'll see, those will be posted soon!