Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Crochet Half-Cable Hat

I MADE A HAT!!!! I actually was inspired by Kelley Poteat, and I tried to follow her pattern but I just couldn't! I was having problems like two other people were in the messages, where I was starting off with a strange pointy hat. So after reading several patterns and then hers, I started this off myself. The style is much like Kelley's, except the pattern is different. Same style, different pattern.  The lower part I did alternating FPdc and BPdc in every stitch, though by the time I reached this point, I actually didn't know Kelley had done the same thing except hers were alternating 2 FPdc and 2 BPdc.  I had just winged it from the beginning til the end when I had my boyfriend try it on.  I also added a small four leaf clover on the hat, because it's this thing my boyfriend and I have :)  The tiny clover is all thanks to Pam Gillete.  It is absolutely adorable! Anyways!! This is probably the first and only thing I've ever down w/o actually reading a pattern!  But all thanks to Kelley's hat I was able to do it!


I feel like I keep having to make modifications to these hat patterns... they always seem to not fit or look right after I finish them. i'm working on my own hat for myself too from another pattern, and I already had to make 2 more rows of increases just to make it look right (I hope).  so we'll see, those will be posted soon!

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