Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've finally finished this penguin I made from a japanese amigurumi book, vol 4.  I added a scarf too!! Which I made completely on my own :D :D


Cuuuute huh!! My next project... is the sackboy from Little Big Planet!!!
The only thing is that originally the sackboy is knitted, and I havn't the patience to learn knitting yet.. since I'm still fairly new with amigurumi crocheting.  But I will make a sackboy !!!! I found a pattern that I will start off with, and then I will make ANOTHER sackboy with a REAL zipper, and a mouth opening. And that will be all experimental. I do have a few patterns that shows how to do the mouth, and insert the zipper, but I have to kind of have to make modifications to make this all work for the size that I want.  The sackboy is for my honey :D


  1. Cute!!!! For some reason I think he needs a little froggy friend :) Or! You should make a little cougar and husky. lol

  2. hahahaha I'll see what I can do ;)