Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainbow Kitchen Mat!

I made my first kitchen mat! It's not .. like.. that GREAT, i think i could have made it less "wavy" now after I have put it all together and realized what's wrong, but i think i have a solution anyway. anyways, this is based on a pattern from Pierrot Yarns, which is a japanese website, and they have free patterns for many many cool things! but I went with the "Mat Rug" category and decided to make use of my Sugar n Cream cotton yarns that i bought a while back in like all different colors.. but some of the colors in my rug are acrylic, like the edging.  Anyways here it is ! my Rainbow Kitchen Mat!

stupid photo can't flip right...but yes the cat wanted in.

I asked him if he liked it. i think this is a yes. 

Yay! my not so boring kitchen floor!
And that's that! gonna add some stickies on the bottom so it doesn't like roll around on the floor. but i'm not sure what to do about the "waves".. maybe slip stitch along the bottom tightly? i don't know. but i like it!!! 

Working on a motif red/white picnic blanket next..... whee!

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