Saturday, March 3, 2012

G&G/Dueba Shinny Aqua (Puffy 3 tone) Review!

OH GEEZZZ another crazy lens purchase from (I really love this site), it's about that time for my yearly craze with these circle lens.  Mainly, though, I get them for my cosplay, Sakura Con is coming around the corner!!! Next month! The cosplay line up will be discussed in another post, but for now I gotta tell you about these circle lens..

I dunno, sometimes I feel weird wearing colored lenses, i mean, other than like brown or whatever, and sometimes they just look all weird and funny on me because of my eye shape.  My bf thinks they're hideous and unnatural - yes unnatural, but fun :) hahahaha.  Anyways so I purchased these from and they are the G&G/Dueba brand, color called Shinny Aqua, or also known as the Puffy 3 tone. As you can see from the photos below, the contact lenses are made of 3 tones.  I purchased these in green as well in the same brand, but I only have the blue ones with me where I am.  I plan to cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in the dress that he wears (YES, i am cosplaying a crossplayer. ... ) and his eyes are blue.  Anyways with some eyelashes and careful positioning of these lashes, I was able to make my eyes appear slightly ...larger... so that the big lenses wouldn't look THAT funny on me. 

Original containers
3 tones.. see?
No contacts!
No flash
With flash

Not so serious face
Ok fine smiley face.. 
 I dunno - honestly I don't think it looks that bad on me.... hahaha but I did opt for the "less crazy" kind; i find that the multiple toned contacts just look less fake, a little bit more "natural" (aside from the unnatural blue being on an asian).  

Comfort wise - I'd say 8/10.  The water content is listed as 38%, but surprisingly they are comfortable and I am quite happy with them! It's just that when I put them on, it took a few minutes for me to adjust because it was a little irritating but after blinking a few times it was a-OK.  

Overall, I love the color, I love the fit, and I can't wait to try on the green and wear these to Sakura Con 2012! 

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