Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dolly Eye Violet Circle Lens Review -

Oh my goodness, it's inching closer to that time to Sakura Con on April 22-24!!! That means it's time to do some planning, including buying some wonderful colored circle lens (that includes a power strong enough for my blindness) to go with the cosplay I intend to do.

As I had mentioned in Cosplay ideas for Sakura Con 2011, I plan to dress up as Yin from Darker than Black.  I like to be as accurate as possible when dressing up, and this includes eye color.

From Candylens, I purchased the Dolly Eye Violet circle lens. Its diameter is 14.2 mm with a base curve of 8.6 mm.  With someone like me who usually wear 8.3BC, I have to be careful about making sure my eyes are occasionally hydrated with circle lens any larger than 8.3 BC because it can slide around and dry my eyes up! 

My eyes are also brown, and so you can see below how much the color will stand out even with brown eyes.

Upon receiving my package from Candylens, I was absolutely impressed with the packaging.

Adorable packaging that it came in! 
My violet circle lens!
Dolly Eye Violet

They included a very nice thank you card :)

Looks like a puffer fish !!! 

And then included was this free japanese product that holds your hair back
VERY works :)
As I said, I was very impressed with this.  I soaked the lenses in saline solution as recommended for at least 8 hrs, and played some dress up :)

Below is as photo with the lenses on with flash (top) and without flash (bottom)

It's so incredibly vibrant in the light! Even without flash, it still doesn't look bad, you can still see the color.

Ready for the whole look? Here goes!!!

Pretty awesome I have to say :)

As far as comfort goes, for base curvatures as steep as mine, this will take some getting use to.  I've had circle lenses before and it's been the same problem every time i've worn them and it is my eyes drying up.  Again - best solution is to keep a bottle of eye drops handy, I think this will definitely help :) 

In addition, these are called circle lens for a reason - they tend to make your eyes appear larger, as it is meant to cover more of your iris than a typical lens do. 

If you like what you see, the ones I have purchased again are the Dolly Eye lenses in violet, or if you're interested in browsing the entire collection of circle lenses, Candylens has a lot in stock. I also love the layout of the page, AND the way everything was packaged including the thank you card :) I really felt like it was a personal card just for me, and it was because it said "Dear Lillian" :)

I will definitely purchase again from them, and it may just be my only supplier that I will purchase from.

See you all at Sakura Con 2011~! Thank you Candylens!


  1. Wow!!! The picture of the lenses in its bottle/container made them look huge and REALLY freaky. But it fits your eyes beautifully!

  2. hahaha thanksss! It IS kinda big, moves around a lil but hey i'll only be wearing em for a few hours at the convention!

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