Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Pottery Presents!!

So this christmas I painted two potteries! I'm actually quite happy with how they came out, and i'm also very jealous and would like to make one of them for myself!!! And i will.. SOON.

I thought I was quite creative this time around, and i'm also very proud!

Here are before and after photos!

Right after it was painted. NO STENCIL! I'm just that awesome :)

After the glaze! oh boy.  This was lovely.  I want.

Next, I made a .... DOGGY BANK! I mean, obviously meant to be a piggy bank.. but painted like a dog, more like Abby's dog as you can see below where she placed it right next to her puppy!
Before glazed

Isn't that cute? hahahaa.  I think i should have made the body a little bit more brown but oh well!
ok so, I .. want to paint myself a nintendo platter now.................


  1. Wow, I'm so impressed with the Nintendo plate! My hubby would totally want to serve snacks for his HeroClix game nights on that.

  2. Thanks!! Yea I've love to make one to serve snacks on, it would be a great platter for that!