Monday, July 30, 2012

Street Fighter: Sakura Kasugano Cosplay

I'll be honest - I was shootin for the "Dark Sakura" cosplay, appearance in the Marvel vs Capcom 2 game.  Yes, two layers of MAC tanning spray got me looking like so in the photo, and maybe i should have listened to my boyfriend and stuck with the original Sakura (white and pasty). It's ok.  The only difference is that the Dark Sakura (as if you could tell) is tanner and suppose to be sunburnt, and her outfit is a dark navy color instead of a royal blue, and her eyes are red. anyways. so. I think I did an ok job - I'll just .. not put on a spray tan next time.

my Street Fighter Sakura Kasugano cosplay!

Meanwhile, some other photos of me ...

Lord Mesa, an artist at SDCC, drew me :)
I'm pretty sure I lost this competition. <3!

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