Monday, August 13, 2012

The Feline Flash!

I did it... I made a full body costume for the cat!!!!  ok minus the booties, that would be too mean ;)  he actually hates the booties hahaha.  But everything else he is fine!! I am pretty happy about the way it turned out, and I'm sure he is too ;) hahaha.  Surprisingly he is ok with that on his head... at least until nap time. Just because of how awesome this costume is, I uploaded a video for everyone's entertainment, and to see how fast he can go! ;)  After all, he is The Flash! [(c) DC Comics]

Meanwhile, here are some other pictures of him and my work :)


  1. This is the most creative, hilarious thing EVER! Love it!

  2. Is there a pattern for this??? I NEED it!

    1. Hi! haha I made a blog post about this on my other site,

      check it out :) I included the design that I made for the base pattern (which should be referenced)

    2. the sweater is the only design posted, not the headpiece.