Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aki Con 2011

My boyfriend and I met up with a couple friends to check out this Aki Con over in Bellevue.  We dressed up on Saturday, and did the rest of the shopping on Sunday. It was pretty neat -very small, especially compared to Sakura con.  I feel like more people here are friendlier, and more likely to socialize with others.  Anyways, it was pretty hilarious because my bf and our friend decided to do a LARPing competition hahah it was GREAT.  pretty funny.  We dressed up from Soul Eater, and yes I dragged my death scythe around in this small place.. 

Anyways here are some photos of our time there.







On Sunday, the majority of that time was watching my bf and our friend LARP and it was just kind of hilarious.. but not a whole lot of photos from that -  just videos! 

Anyways that was our first Aki Con!


  1. Wow, love your costume; Soul Eaters was a fun series. Wish I had the sewing talent to go all out like that.

  2. haha I love soul eater!! I actually didn't sew that.. it was definitely purchased! I couldn't do that.. but I did make the scythe myself, so i'm pretty happy about that :)