Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lucky Mug!

So I got my boyfriend to join me in my pottery painting experience.. and it was so awesome hahaha.  He took.. like.. FOREVER painting his.. i mean i knew that some guys are like "ew why would i paint pottery" but then once they start, they have extreme attention to detail it's crazy.  Anyways, so I wanted my mug to contain clovers.  4 leaf clovers to be exact. So it's like, my lucky mug! I actually ended up loving the way it turned out - i mean, wouldn't you want to buy this at the store?!??!!? It could be like my own collection. The Lillian Wong collection. Eh.. that sounds really weird.  I'll just call it the.. Pearl Collection.  Anyways that's years down the road when i can actually learn how to be artsy but for now maybe i was just REALLY lucky.. hahaha..anyways 

My mug!

My boyfriend's mug!

Oooo and I made a WATERMELON COASTER!! So there IS some kind of crochet in this blog at least.........well here's the watermelon coaster for my mug! Pattern is by Yarn Pixie.

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