Thursday, October 27, 2011

Watermelon (BFF) Bowls !

Oh my gosh I can't believe I havn't posted this yet - I just recently got into pottery painting!! Like, you go buy some ceramic pottery at the pottery place and just paint away - they will glaze it for you for free!!! Anyways, I started a teapot back in when I was in grad school right before I graduated. It turned out kind of.... funnny........... not quite what I expected.  But no photos of that ANYWAY.  however, I found a place over in east Bellevue (WA) and I LOVED their collection. I have yet to find an even bigger store.   Their website is here :

Anyways I managed to convince my bff to paint, and she convinced a few of our mutual friends to come along too and paint!! haha so it was this semi large painting party and i think we were the oldest ones there...

We ended up painting WATERMELON BOWLS! We call these the "BFF Bowls" . Because when you put the two together you make one :) AWWWWW <3 

After it is painted
After it's glazed! 

Anyways hers came out a lot nicer because she made it nicer.. hahaha i was a bit sloppy but overall i was still happy! Oh gosh wait for the next post... I got my boyfriend to paint with me :)

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